What is MCLE?

With a few exceptions, all attorneys who are actively practicing law in California must complete ongoing legal training referred to as Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE). The State Bar establishes and monitors compliance with the MCLE requirements for California licensees. Currently, attorneys are required to complete 25 hours of MCLE every three years. These hours must include education in legal ethics, competence issues, and elimination of bias. Soma has provided MCLE training to attorneys at the following presentations.

Past Presentations

"Facts and Fallacies: A Look at the Post-COVID Job Market"

MCLE California Lawyers Association, 11/9/2022 & MCLE Contra Costa County Bar Association, 9/15/2022

Co-presenter with Vocational Consultant, Marlis Bruns

"Vocational Evaluations: Identifying Strengths and Mitigating Barriers"

MCLE The Bar Association of San Francisco, 10/27/2022

Co-presenter with Vocational Consultant, Lisa Trustin

"Bias is a Four-letter Word"

MCLE San Mateo County Bar Association, 2/23/22 & MCLE Alameda County Bar Association, 1/19/2022

Co-presenter with Vocational Consultant, Marlis Bruns

Upcoming Presentations

"Vocational Evaluations in Today's Labor Market"

Association of Certified Family Law Specialists Webinar, 4/18/23

Co-presenter with Vocational Consultant, Lisa Trustin

This presentation will discuss how different industries are faring in today's labor market, how an evaluee's strengths and challenges are considered in the context of job finding and how a vocational evaluation may help settle support issues in family law cases. The experts will also present relevant case studies.